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Environmental Policy

Our committent to establishing environmental policies throughout our company

Axtra Expert Logistics recognise the responsibility that every organisation has to the environment and we are committed to establishing our environmental policies throughout our company.

We address our environmental impact in the following ways:

  1. Monitoring fuel use and strategic route planning maximising vehicle efficiency and reducing our impact on climate change.
  2. Vehicle replacement programme ensures Euro 5 and Euro 6 technology keeping emissions to the minimum.
  3. Adhere to legislation and regulations set out by the governing bodies in our field. Axtra are certified by the Environment Agency under the control of pollution (amendment) act 1989 and have a current Waste Carrier Licence.
  4. We ensure the best use of raw materials, using recycled/recyclable products where appropriate.
  5. Minimise waste through compacting and material re-use and recycling.
  6. Promote environmental awareness within the Company and encourage appropriate actions by all staff.
  7. Axtra have recently registered for the Cycle to Work scheme so employees can benefit from active travel to work.